"My Fate is on Silent Girl"
Season Survivor: Caribbean
Author User:Just323
Episode Number 4/15
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My Fate is on Silent Girl is the fourth episode of Survivor: Caribbean


Reward Challenge: Dear Liza
Each tribe will carry a large bucket to a water tower where they will fill it. They will then race back and work together to plug as many of the holes as they can in their bucket to keep the water from leaking out. Then they will empty what's left into a barrel and head back out. The first two tribes to fill their barrel and raise their flag win immunity and reward.
Reward: Picking 1 person who did the most for the tribe, getting the Pirate's booty.
Winner(s): Anegada & Nevis

Immunity Challenge: Share the Wealth
Two tribe members, tethered together, must run inside the beach to retrieve a chest containing paddles, which would be used at the second part of the challenge. Once retrieved, two other tribe members must ride a boat and use the paddles to reach a buoy with a crate below. The paddlers must unclip the crate and bring it close enough to shore, where all six tribe members would then take the crate to a station where the final two tribe members must open the crate, revealing puzzle pieces. First two pairs to solve the puzzle (a tower with a pirate's ship on top) win immunity for their tribes.
Winner(s): Tobago & Anegada

Previously on SurvivorEdit

  • Will and Janelle still trust other.
  • Adam and Cuan's bond is stronger, while Malik, Danny & Mitch are finding ways to get allies.
  • While Milly and Nicole's bond became weaker, as their argument turned into them not being allies.
  • Anegada and Nevis won reward, while Cody and Moey won a White Pearl. Many people saw Moey as a threat right now, knowing that she has 2 pearls under her sleeves.
  • Anegada and Nevis won Immunity and are safe from Tribal Council.
  • At Tobago, Daniele wanted to use her Black Pearl, but Janelle tried to force her to not use it, while Jessie is trying ways to save himself.
  • At Tribal Council, It became clear that Daniele used her Black Pearl on Will, but that didn't matter as Jessie was voted out in a 3-2-1 vote. 18 are left, who will be voted out tonight?

Night 9Edit

(Tobago Tribe returned from Tribal Council, and Amber spending time alone at the beach while the others are sleeping)

I was alone tonight, knowing that majority of my friends are leaving one by one. I know this is a game, but this game is stressing me out so much. Daniele and Janelle having been running this game, when I mean game I mean the tribe. Me and Will have flipping alliances for the past 2 tribal councils and James is the only person sticking to Jessie. I feel like me and Will can join forces with James and get rid of Janelle or Daniele, personally, I think Janelle is best choice than Daniele, but that's only if Will and James both agree though.


I'm in the minority right now. I have no allies, so the next tribal council were going to if we lose it's 100% me leaving. I need to work on my strategic game now to get out of this mess If I want to stay in this game much longer.


(Daniele and Janelle were talking having the power in their tribe)

I was worried that Daniele was about to vote out Will, but I'm glad that she didn't. I know Jessie is correct about me and Dani being a potential duo to be reckon with. Amber, Will & James don't know what there messing with. I know I hate going to tribal council and I don't want to go back there without Immunity. It's obvious that the boot list is planned already, so we have nothing to worry about. Except for Daniele. I need to watch her unless she flips. I doubt it though (giggles)


My Black Pearl was a legitimate waste. I wanted to vote for Will for sure, but I flipped last minute but i didn't. I sure hope Janelle understands everything and why I did it, I don't want to lose an ally as of now because as of now in this game, losing an ally could be detrimental to my game and also Janelle's game and I don't want that to happen.


Day 10Edit

Anegada TribeEdit

(Early in the Morning, the guys were doing exercises around camp)

I hate exercises, since I'm a generally a quiet person who don't like them. I want to blame our leader, Cody for suggesting this idea 100%. But he said we need to for no strategizing going on. (face palm) I saw Mitch going over to Danny talking about strategy and I was right behind them. I guess Cody is delusional half of the time.


I'm in the minority right now, and I've been floating recently for the alliance. I need to talk to Ken, Cuan & Adam to join us and get rid of Cody if we lose. Cody thinks this could help us being out of the game for a while. But, this is a great opportunity to do that though and Cody doesn't see that like the rest of us.


I don't know what's wrong with the guys, but they don't want to go for a run? I mean, some of them didn't want to do it in the first place, others where whispering behind my back and things weren't right. What's going on with Anegada? We haven't been to tribal council yet, so what's the point? We can do that later not now. Or these people want me to do the strategizing now to gain allies. I'm just going to be a leader of the tribe for now until further notice.


(Cuan, Adam & Ken left Cody's exercise to talk about throwing the reward and Immunity challenge)

We left that stupid thing Cody says "fun" and ended up talking about game, since he refuses us to do so for 10 days now. We ended up talking about flipping on Cody and forming our own alliance of our own. Is that a good idea? I sure hope so, because I don't want to make this mistake become a reality and screw Adam, Ken's game and also my game too.


Nevis TribeEdit

(Milly brought in Bronte, Gracie & Julia for a swim for girl talk)

I need new allies right now. I don't think Nicole could ever trust me now and I want to go to tribal council to send her a** home. I know Bronte will trust me 100%, Gracie has no one so she has to align with me but Julia is the wild card for the Nicole and Milly war. She's aligned with Moey who is really powerful at the moment and she can control her, so she's the swing vote as of now.


I don't have enough information to join Milly's side right now. I trust Moey right now since were both smart people and we know what's best for both our games right now is too stick with the majority right now. I know that Bronte is aligning with Milly 100%, Gracie I don't know about but I don't think she's sticking with Milly.


(Nicole brings out Moey, Julia and Gracie to the shelter and throwing Milly under the bus)

I made some good points to throw this Immunity challenge. I don't think the reward challenge would be a serious thing to win, since were picking Julia for that. But as for the Immunity Challenge, throwing it seems like our best choice. Milly doesn't trust me and I'm not trusting her, so why not take her down first before any of the girls?


After Milly and Nicole both talked about taking one another out. They both have different reasons to take each other out and now, me and Julia were both on the fence here. I already know my choice since one of them didn't annoy me with their kindness. Now, Moey needs to do her work and get Julia to vote with Nicole and take out Milly. Only if we throw the Immunity Challenge.


Day 11Edit

Reward Challenge: Dear Liza
Finish Tribe Competitors Sit-Out
1st Place Anegada AdamCarribeanCodyCarribeanDannyCarribeanMalikCarribeanMitchCarribean
Cuan, Ken
2nd Place Nevis GracieCarribeanJuliaCarribeanMillyCarribeanMoeyCarribeanNicoleCarribean
3rd Place Tobago AmberCarribeanDanieleCarribeanJamesCarribeanJanelleCarribeanWillCarribean

(Anegada and Nevis won reward and Cody and Julia did the best for the tribe and were allowed to pick something from the Pirate's Booty. They were the captains to pick the tribes after Tribal Council)

Well, this is great for me. I have 2 powers under my belt and so does Moey. But this is great for me. I know that I don't trust majority of the people on my tribe, infact I don't trust everyone on that tribe and this is a great way to pick the people on my tribe that I wanted from day 1.


Since everyone knows a tribe swap will be happening soon. I need to cover all my bases now. I have this power to pick the tribe that could help or break my game. I know that Moey is a threat with her pearls and I want to keep an eye on her at all times. Other than that, the plan to throw the immunity challenge is doing well slowly.


Day 12Edit

Immunity Challenge: Share the Wealth
Placement Tribe Runners Rowers Puzzle Solvers Sit Out(s)
1st Place Tobago AmberCarribeanDanieleCarribean
James, Will
2nd Place Anegada CuanCarribeanKenCarribean
Cuan, Ken
Cody, Malik
Adam, Mitch
3rd Place Nevis GracieCarribeanMoeyCarribean
Gracie, Moey
Bronte, Milly

(Tobago and Anegada won Immunity and safe from Tribal Council, Nevis will be attending Tribal Council tonight)

Nevis TribeEdit

(The girls returned to camp after the plan to throw the immunity challenge worked)

Everyone in our tribe seemed to be happy about this loss. It's unusual but it was worth it. I know that both sides wanted Milly or Nicole gone so that rules out me, Moey, Gracie & Bronte picking which person is best for our game. I don't know what I'm going to do just yet, but after both girls said their last words before the vote, my vote will end up at tribal council.


(Moey pulls Gracie and Julia aside and tells them to vote for Milly, since Nicole is more trustworthy than her)

As of now, I want Nicole to stay over Milly. So, I bring Gracie and Julia aside and talked about getting rid of Milly. So far, Gracie is down with voting along side me and Nicole. But, as for Julia. She's my main ally and friend and I thought this would be easy. I'm thinking again, it's not. She's smarter than I though I anticipated and she's know what she's doing. I'm keeping an eye on her.


I'm 100% voting with Moey tonight. I know Nicole is voting for Milly since she can't vote for herself, well she can. But she wouldn't be that stupid to do so. Were all hoping that Julia doesn't force a tie or this plan wouldn't work.


(Milly brings Bronte & Julia aside to make sure there voting for Nicole)

My fate is on Silent Girl, Julia. I don't know where her head is at and I'm nervous if she's actually going to vote with us. I don't know If I'm leaving tonight, since Bronte didn't even say a word to me. I hope not, because I have a lot to learn in this game and I'm not ready to take it away from me.


Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 4:
Milly (4 votes)
Gracie, Julia, Moey, Nicole
Nicole (2 votes)
Bronte, Milly
Voted Off:
Milly Astirade

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

(Gracie and Bronte's confessionals were not shown)

I'm voting for you now. I don't know if this is a right move for me. But, this is a vote going towards you anyways.


Used to be my best friend, but you ruined it.


Julia, I'm watching you.


(shouts) MILLY!


Final WordsEdit

Well, Julia screwed me over. (sigh) I really hoped the rest of the girls, except for Nicole actually make it far in this game and do it for me as of now. Julia should pick the worse tribe and get karma thrown back at her.


Still in the RunningEdit